About Us

Home of Hope, Inc. was founded in 1968 by Jane Hartley and Laura Cupp-Neely, two mothers of children with Down syndrome.   Both had been searching for the best opportunities for their children to have a productive and meaningful life when they reached adulthood.  To have happiness.  They found Ruth Smith, whose own daughter had Down syndrome, and they did what people of exceptional vision do; they saw a solution where others only saw a problem, and they pursued it until it became a reality.

There are a lot of details to this story.  A lot of obstacles faced and overcome.  Contacts.  Communications.  Tears.  Triumphs.  But the key element to our history is one of vision.  It’s a story of three people who saw a profound human need, not only in their own children but in the children of other mothers and fathers, and who committed their lives to creating a place to meet that need.  It’s 50 years later, but the vision lives on.

Today, Home of Hope, Inc. is a far-reaching corporation serving people with developmental and other disabilities in five counties of Northeastern Oklahoma.  Our programs are tailored to meet each individuals needs with many options in employment, housing, and recreation.  To achieve this level of service, state and federal funding sources are supplemented with corporate & foundation grants and the generous financial support from our individual donors.

Home of Hope’s administrative headquarters are located in Vinita, Oklahoma with residential and support services provided in 55 different homes located in the communities of Vinita, Claremore, Pryor, Jay, and Miami.  Roughly half of these homes are Community Support homes, with the other half being our small Intermediate Care homes designed to feel as much like home as any residences in their communities.

Home of Hope employees over 600 staff members, providing jobs to nearly 200 men and women with disabilities through its wide range of Vocational Programs ranging from sheltered workshops to employment in the community.  These opportunities also include our six thrift stores and our business center.

We’re also proud to offer an extraordinary Activities Program, which includes everything from Bingo to horseback riding and from carnivals to our own theater productions.  Home of Hope supports more men and women’s involvement with Special Olympics than any other program in the state.