Mission and Values

The mission of Home of Hope is empowering people with disabilities.

Our core values are:

Client Centered Care.  We are committed to making all decisions and performing all actions with the well-being of the men and women we serve as our primary focus, and to always put their interests ahead of our own.

Accountability.  We take personal responsibility, as an organization and individuals, for our actions, hold each other accountable, and expect to be held accountable any any point throughout the year for our decisions and actions.

Respect.  While keeping the focus on the needs of the men and women we serve, we also commit to demonstrating mutual respect in communication and actions so that a positive environment for everyone is maintained.

Excellence.  We are committed to using established best practices, to evaluating effectiveness of our efforts, and to demonstrating a willingness to chance current practices at any point based on evidence that change is needed.