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A doorway to a satisfying life for adults with intellectual disabilities


At Home of Hope, we provide opportunities for people with disabilities to create their own paths, to make their houses into homes, to find meaning and reward in their own jobs, to create friendships, and to enjoy activities in the community.  These opportunities are a very specialized doorway to the lives many individuals would never be able to enjoy otherwise.

Doing enough for people but never too much.  Being supportive but never controlling.  Being kind but never patronizing.  These are daily decisions and actions that make Home of Hope the place that it is, and hopefully, on our best days, the place that each of the people we serve truly deserve to be.


In the decades since parents and supporters banded together to individually create Home of Hope, Rogers County Training Center and Delaware County Friendship Homes, the number of individuals with developmental disabilities and family members who have benefited from services provided by these organizations is immeasurable.  As the three organizations join to work together sharing knowledge and resources, we currently serve more than 250 adults with intellectual disabilities.

Our services span 5 counties in northeast Oklahoma in the communities of Vinita, Claremore, Grove, Jay, Miami and Pryor.  We have a strategic plan to expand to other communities, extending our reach and meeting more needs.

We provide a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of each individual.  Our residential services offer many levels of support.  Our settings, individual goals, and caring staff promote independence.  Ranging from group homes to services in private homes, our residential programs allow individuals to live in a secure, comfortable environment with  staff trained to provide necessary assistance while maximizing individuals' abilities.

Vocational services staff work to help individuals gain jobs that promote self-worth and achievement.  Jobs are matched to individuals' abilities, skills and interests and are re-evaluated regularly.  Jobs can include contracted assembly work in our sheltered workshops, customer service and operation of our thrift stores, sorting donations to our recycling businesses, as well as work-groups and individuals working at local businesses.  Individuals are supported by a job coach based on needs with some working independently in the community.

We maintain a schedule of organized activities to meet a variety of interests and abilities.  Many individuals participate in Special Olympics activities including golf, bowling, swimming, track & field and more.  We are proud to say our Fighting Peacocks men's unified softball team members are the reigning USA Games gold medal winners!  And we have the largest team of competitors year after year at the Oklahoma Summer Games!  Combine Special Olympics training and competition with our equestrian program, fishing, dances, fitness program, and community outings and there is something for everyone.


Our mission and core values guide all decision making and employee culture.

Our mission is to empower people with disabilities.

Our core values:

Client Centered Care.  We are committed to making all decisions and performing all actions with the well-being of the men and women we serve as our primary focus, and to always put their interests ahead of our own.

Accountability.  We take personal responsibility, as an organization and individuals, for our actions, hold each other accountable, and expect to be held accountable any point throughout the year for our decisions and actions.

Respect.  While keeping the focus on the needs of the men and women we serve, we also commit to demonstrating mutual respect in communication and actions so that a positive environment for everyone is maintained.

Excellence.  We are committed to using established best practices, to evaluating effectiveness of our efforts, and to demonstrating a willingness to chance current practices at any point based on evidence that change is needed.


A map detailing the services provided at each of our locations.


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Cheryl and Gary Ford
"We feel the natural progression of life is for children to grow, leave the nest, and have a life of their own.  As Chris was nearing high school graduation we searched for a place where he could build independence - living with roommates, working, and making as many choices as possible in a safe and caring environment.  We found that place in Home of Hope."