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day program equine horse 2021 home of hope event
2021 annual home of hope event day program
2021 annual home of hope event day program
2021 annual home of hope event gardening

After twelve months of near-isolation for many of the people we serve, a very gradual reopening is underway.  Some people have returned to the jobs they enjoyed before.  Others still cannot, either due to medical risks or because their jobs are no longer available to them.  Home of Hope is working to raise the funds needed to create a dramatically expanded day program.  Expanded in how many people it will serve and expanded in its depth and range of activities, creative outlets, skills training, and opportunities for personal growth and progress in daily life.


The funds raised at this year’s banquet will support Home of Hope’s programs for people with disabilities and help expand those services through an exceptional range of adult day services.  You are invited not only to an evening of safe and enjoyable reconnection but to be part of making something new and exciting support will literally create a space for people with disabilities’ lives to begin happen for the people Home of Hope is honored to serve.  Your presence and getting back to normal.

Day Programs provide a stimulating, safe and secure environment where adults with disabilities can learn, grow, nurture relationships with their peers while actively participating in the communities around them.


Saturday, June 12, 2021

5:30p Cocktails, 6p Dinner

Silent and Live Auction

Room Block at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino

Guest may also call 800-760-6700 for reservations and book under Hope of Hope

For more information contact Shelby Stewart at 918-256-7825 ext 168

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