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Help us meet a $10,000 challenge – and turn isolation into connection!

People with intellectual disabilities are often more at risk from COVID-19 than others around them. Many have underlying health conditions that place them at great risk. Many cannot understand the risks of social interaction or close contact. Many of those we serve are simply at risk because of their age. But none of that changes how hard it has been to be separated from friends and from family members they are close to. There is nothing that calms, nothing that reassures quite like face-to-face contact with the ones you love.

We live in an incredible time when face-to-face contact can happen even when physical presence isn’t possible. Technology can, at least in part, overcome the distance. But for that, Home of Hope needs to erect towers, install equipment, and purchase devices so that the people we serve in 61 different homes in six different communities can all have the ability to see the faces of their friends and their family members, to speak with their physicians, and to talk to their counselors using live streaming video.

On Saturday night, Home of Hope launched its campaign to raise $30,000 toward this end. Already, we have received an incredible offer from one generous couple expressing their support for this effort and their willingness to match dollar-for-dollar the first $10,000 we can raise for this incredibly important purpose. Your gift today can bring us closer to this goal, and can literally help a person with an intellectual disability see the face of a loved one for the first time in far too long. You can send a gift by mail, or click here to make a donation.

On Saturday night, October 3rd, Home of Hope hosted its first-ever online fundraising event.

For more about how successful this was, how grateful we are to our sponsors, and a photo of myself that I might as well learn to live with.

For those who weren’t able to be a part of it, this is a request for your help.


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