Group Homes


Home of Hope Group Homes provide residential living in a group setting of 6 to 10 people with developmental disabilities. The group home environment is ideal for an individual who is very independent, but requires some amount of assistance and support to meet their daily needs. Group Home residents have qualified for funding through the DDS (Developmental Disabilities Services) division of DHS (Department of Human Services).

Overview of Program Services

All group homes at Home of Hope are supported by 24-hour staff supervision and an on-call system for emergency situations. Each home provides a variety of services to accommodate the individuals’ needs and interests. Usually individuals have a job or day program during the work week. Our staff help individuals reach a higher level of independence, self-sufficiency and opportunities for community involvement by participating in a wide variety of activities depending on their interests. This could include taking part in a community education class, learning how to cook a meal, attending a baseball game or concert, or going to the gym to exercise.

The Group Homes Program includes:

  • Traditional Group Homes:
    Residential living for no more than 10 persons in a group setting. The group homes provide a congregate living arrangement offering up to 24 hour per day supervision, supportive assistance, and training in daily living skills to eligible individuals eighteen years of age and older.

  • Community Living Group Homes:
    Residential living for no more than 6 persons in a group setting. Services are provided in a structured environment with 24-hour awake supervision. The staff will provide structured activities and the supports necessary for individuals who need a great deal of assistance from staff in completing activities of daily living and for those individuals who have severe physical challenges.

  • Admission to Home of Hope, Inc. is dependent upon availability. As many choose to live in these homes for the remainder of their lives, prior planning is highly recommended when considering Home of Hope, Inc.

For more information, contact Megan Phillippi, Intake Coordinator.