Ralph Richardson

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Ralph Richardson brings 24 years of experience, as well as a wealth of knowledge and compassion to Home of Hope.   Dr. Richardson came to Home of Hope in 2014 continuing a professional career served entirely in the non-profit realm.

The mission of Home of Hope is “to empower people with disabilities”.  And Dr. Richardson believes he and the staff recognize the significance of their work and, to them, the mission is much more than words.

“The opportunities we are here to provide for people with disabilities to create their own paths, to make their houses into homes, to find meaning and reward in their own jobs, to create friendships and to enjoy activities in the community – these opportunities are a very specialized doorway to the lives many individuals would never be able to enjoy otherwise.”

“Doing enough for people but never too much, being supportive but never controlling, being kind but never patronizing – these are daily decisions and actions that make Home of Hope the place that it is, and hopefully, on our best days, the place that each of the people we serve truly deserve to be.”

Dr. Richardson spends his time away from work with his wife of 30 years, five daughters and two granddaughters.  He is very involved in his church, loves to read, and enjoys writing and other creative outlets.

Dr. Richardson holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology.  He is a member of the American Psychology Association.

Chief Executive Officer