Rick Davis

Rick has worked in the Human Services field for more than 30 years, 27 of which have been with Home of Hope. Through the course of those years, he has been on “both sides of the fence.” He has worked providing Residential and Vocational supports. This has given Rick the keen insight to see a more complete (well-rounded) picture.

If you ask Rick what has stood out the most during his time with Home of Hope, he will tell you it’s Home of Hope’s commitment to Quality of Life and all of the different aspects that it involves. Rick loves the fact that something [Vocational Services] he is passionate about can positively impact others. Rick still gets the same thrill today as he did 30 years ago when he can help someone secure employment or when they learn new elements on their job. Those that Rick has supported over the years have made significant impacts on his life as well. He strives to go to work each day with the same positive, upbeat attitude that they display.

When he isn’t at work, Rick has three things that consume most of his time and energy. Those things are being a husband, being a father, and being a grandfather. Rick has hobbies such as woodworking, but they usually involve one of the three before-mentioned things. Either at home or work, it’s the family environment and atmosphere the drive Rick to do the things he does.