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Services are highly tailored to the needs of each individual to provide a balance of support and independence.

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Home of Hope's extensive vocational program provides individuals with opportunities to participate in the workforce and earn a paycheck.

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Having friends and fun is important in the lives of everyone and Home of Hope strives to provide a variety of activities to fit many interests such as Special Olympics, equestrian events and more.

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Home of Hope and subsidiaries Rogers County Training Center and Delaware County Friendship Homes serve more than 250 individuals in NE Oklahoma.

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We are here to help if you need information about services for an intellectually disabled individual.

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Our Story

Home of Hope opened in 1968 thanks to the vision and determination of three mothers, Jane Hartley, Laura Cupp, and Ruth Smith, fueled by a desire as parents to have their children with developmental disabilities reach their full potential in adulthood.  The guiding principles of three mothers with a dream stands true today as Home of Hope strives to help each individual attain independence, freedom to choose, opportunity, growth and happiness.


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Cheryl and Gary Ford
"We feel the natural progression of life is for children to grow, leave the nest, and have a life of their own.  As Chris was nearing high school graduation we searched for a place where he could build independence - living with roommates, working, and making as many choices as possible in a safe and caring environment.  We found that place in Home of Hope."            

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