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Through your contributions you are helping more than 200 men and women with intellectual and developmental disabilities achieve real lives in their community.

Home of Hope provides an extraordinary range of services. State and Federal funding provide some support, but are not nearly sufficient to provide the full support needed to provide hope and purpose in the lives of men and women who deserve the same opportunities most of us take for granted.

Your gift helps fill that gap in funding. Your partnership with Home of Hope in its mission provides choices, independence and a meaningful way of life for people with developmental and other disabilities.

Thank you for considering Home of Hope as a beneficiary of your generosity.

Santa with Amanda

Your Gift Helps:

    • Provide homes in the community for our residents to experience self-reliant living and receive independent living skills training.
    • Teach skills that enable our clients to get jobs and feel pride by earning real wages for real work while contributing to the community in a meaningful and productive way.
    • Reduce the social isolation that is so common to people with special needs through planned social activities, community outings and Special Olympics.
    • Support the operations of the organization to ensure consistent delivery of quality in all of our services and to search out innovative ways to improve for the future.
    • Build community awareness of the issues and challenges people with disabilities face.
    • Give a forum for people to understand their civil rights and practice civic responsibility through structured self-advocacy opportunities.

Key to Hope Legacy Society:  Donors who inform us of their planned gifts benefiting Home of Hope (wills, trusts, charitable gift annuities, IRA’s) become members of this very special group. Donors are personally recognized for their generosity.  Please contact CEO Ralph Richardson, Ph.D. (918) 256-7825, ext. 1010 to discuss your donor group interests and questions.

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Free and confidential services of a highly qualified Planned Giving Professional are available to discuss your needs and the potentially significant tax benefits of making a planned gift. He will work with you and your financial advisor to maximize your benefit, and where appropriate we will discuss the legacy you want to leave at Home of Hope through your will, trusts, charitable gift annuity, IRA, stock or life insurance.  Contact our planned giving specialist direct, Chris Miller at (918) 491-0079.

Donor/Donation Information
Donations of cash are 100% tax deductible. In-Kind or product donations may be tax deductible to the extent provided by law based on the fair resale value of the item(s). It is the contributor’s responsibility to determine this value. A letter will be sent as a receipt and acknowledgement of your charitable contribution.

Home of Hope respects the privacy of each donor and the information they give when making contributions to us. As such, Home of Hope does not release any donor information to other agencies, private or public. We do not sell, rent or trade the names or contact information of any donor. Each donor can feel secure in the pledge they make to Home of Hope.