Sponsor A Horse

How Can You Help? Sponsor a Horse!

Riding for Hope program recipients receive the highest quality therapeutic and adaptive riding experiences available. Our horses are a vital part of these experiences. Our horses receive the highest level of care from our staff, veterinarians and trained volunteers. We believe that if our horses are healthy and happy they will provide the best service they can to help us achieve our mission.

Caring for our herd, consisting currently of nine horses, is a significant part of our program budget. On average, it costs approximately $2,500 each year to provide each of our horses with food, bedding, dental, veterinary and hoof care, tack and blankets. In addition to the costs to keep them fed and healthy, there is also the cost of the manpower hours required to exercise, groom and care for the herd.

Your sponsorship is very important in supporting the backbone of our program – our horses. Once you have had a chance to meet our herd, by clicking on the links below and reading their story, you can choose which of our team members you would like to sponsor.

Meet our Herd

If you would like to become a Level Sponsor, we have four to choose from.  Payments may be made annually or in quarterly or monthly installments.
  • Championship Level Sponsor $2,500
  • Gold Level Sponsor $1,500
  • Silver Level Sponsor $1,000
  • Bronze Level Sponsor $500
Benefits of becoming a Level Sponsor include:
  • A potentially fully tax-deductible contribution
  • Your name engraved on your horse’s stall door plaque
  • A personalized certificate of recognition and photo of your horse
  • Photos and updates of your horse quarterly throughout the year
  • Recognition on our website and Facebook page
  • VIP passes to our annual HOH Riding for Hope rodeo
  • And our gratitude for your help in keeping our horses happy and healthy to serve our mission

Other sponsorship options include:

Fan Club Sponsor – $5 to $20

Choose the amount you want to donate. Perfect for individual or monthly donations less than $20. Choose to make a one time or monthly donation.

Feed Sponsor – $25

A Feed Sponsor provides one bag of ___________ per $25 donated. Each bag will last one horse for approximately one month. Choose to make a one time or monthly donation.

Farrier Sponsor – $75

A Farrier Sponsor will provide one farrier service to a horse. Each horse requires a farrier visit every 6-8 weeks (6-8 visits a year). Choose to make a one time or monthly donation.

Vet Sponsor – $125

A Vet Sponsor will help to provide one of our horses with much needed dental care and routine veterinary care. Most horses need dental work 1-2x per year and routine care twice a year. One time or monthly donation.

If you would like to Sponsor a Horse, please click Donate and MISTY WE WILL NEED TO EXPLAIN THE PROCESS HERE or you may print off the Sponsorship form by clicking here and mail or email your completed form. We appreciate your support of our mission to Empower People with Disabilities!